RIP Funerals

RIP Funerals
RIP Funerals is one of the largest funeral companies in Bucharest and Ilfov County with great experience in organizing all types of funeral processions.
Our agency provides the full range of services and products specific to processions after the death of burial or cremation at unbeatable prices.
The team we are part of has great experience and always shows total support for families who are going through hard times generated by the passing away of someone close to them.
The logistics of the RIP Funerals agency are sanitary and compliant with all the rules in force underlying the current funeral law.

Funeral services:
  • Doctor finding death;
  • Embalmment and thanatopraxis;
  • Grooming services;
  • Preparation of necessary burial and cremation documents;
  • Internal and external funeral transport;
  • Priest and church choir;
  • Arrangement and reconditioning of the eternal place;
  • Organizing remembrance and charity;
  • Catafalque and refrigerator cover rental;
  • Repatriation and expatriation services;
  • Pick up the airport cargo area;

Funeral products:
  • Coffins and funeral urns;
  • Wood and iron crosses;
  • Granite and marble monuments;
  • Ceramic photo pictures;
  • Floral arrangements;
  • Icons and candles;
  • Specific catering products;

We provide all types of funeral counseling, previous consultant and legal counsel at any time of the day or night and we provide useful support for anyone who needs an authorized funeral home.

We are here for you!